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"Face and Body" project is a profoundly meaningful exploration of the various forms and conditions of the human body, with the purpose of documenting the evolving perception of one's own physical self.


Through my artistic work, I delve into the changes that take place within the body and face as time progresses, encompassing both its tangible appearance and its profound influence on one's sense of identity.


Specifically, I investigate how change serves as a poignant reminder of the uncertainty and finite nature of life.


New wrinkles


This series of artwork captures the beauty and complexity of wrinkles, highlighting their significance as markers of time and experience. 


The body fragment


An observation of the moment the body changes when influenced by the external and internal environments -

a commentary on the mutability and the non-rigid nature of the human form.


My grandmother's wrinkles


By observing the physical and emotional changes that

the women in my family have undergone over time, I’m capturing the transformation of my own identity, reflecting on the intergenerational influence of my family's history and the ways in which it continues to shape my understanding of myself.

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