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the endless summer.png
the endless summer.png

Solo show at Duke's Brown gallery

125 Science Dr, Durham, NC 27710

November 7th - December 10th


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The exhibition features two projects: an earlier, "The body project", and the most recent, "The endless summer", created especially for this exhibition.


"The body project" explores the forms and states of the body. This project records the changes in the sense of self and the interaction of the figure with space. It considers the connection between the body and nature, and points to the effect of the environment on the human shape.


In "The Endless Summer" explores the traditions of my family. I investigate my early childhood memories through the recent experience of emigration.

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Two birches (book)

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Two birches (installation)


Evocative of a childhood memory of my family's tradition of mushroom picking, the two birches are also a symbol of my home country.


Milky Way

This installation is based on a memory of weekly trips with my grandmother to the neighboring village.

On our way to get milk, my grandmother would share the stories of her childhood, sing to me and recite poetry, turning a long, tedious journey into a delightful adventure.

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