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I explore the history of my family, the integration of identities, and the merging of cultures. Examining how my past influences my present, I blend together my family history and my new reality.

Each piece reflects the internal struggles of immigrants - the confusion, fear, homesickness, and uncertainty.

The basket

The basket

Basket weaving has reminded me of my mother braiding my hair. 


The well

Memories of a game my dad and I used to play, building mini wooden wells - an object that came to symbolize the building of a new home after emigrating.


Two birches (book)

Evocative of a childhood memory of my family's tradition of mushroom picking, the two birches are also a symbol of my home country. Watch video on Youtube


For me bread is a sacred and significant symbol, connecting generations, represents the notions of caring, stability, and weal.

DSC00461 copy 2.jpg


The intertwining

The intertwining symbolizes the coming together of past memories and the writing of the new history in immigration.

Twisted birch

This sculpture contains the essence of my conflicting emotions surrounding a potential visit to Russia—the yearning to reunite with my relatives and friends, intermingled with a profound sense of insecurity. In my homeland, a place tainted by a brutal totalitarian regime, those who dare to voice opposition against the government are subjected to persecution.

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